Archive of notes from past TSF meetings

Here you can find the notes prepared after each meeting of the Traditional Song Forum, from the first exploratory meeting on 28th September 1997, when more than 50 people gathered to discuss the state of folk-song collection and research.

Click on the link below to read the meeting notes for a particular date. For meetings befoe December 2004 click on the link at the bottom.


March 2017, Lewes 

Nov 2015, Hull

May 2015, Newcastle

October 2014 King's Lynn

 June 2014 (Sheffield)

April 2014 (Plymouth)

December 2013 (London)

December 2012 (Chippenham) 

September 2012 (Sheffield)

 May 2012 (Lewes)

November 2011 (Aberdeen)  

 May 2011 (Woking)

November 2010 (Dublin)

June 2010 (London)

March 2010 (Newcastle)

October 09 (London)

February 09 (Exeter)

November 08 (Sheffield)

January 08 (Newcastle)

September 07 (London)

March 07 (Alton)

November 06 (Sheffield)

September 06 (London) Life and Times - Ireland

May 06 (London)

November 2005 (Gateshead)

June 2005 (Gloucestershire)

Feb 2005 (London) Life and Times. Photo album here

December 2004 (Sheffield)


For earlier meetings (1997 - 2004) please go here