Details of upcoming meetings and notes from previous meetings


We called ourselves a 'forum' because we recognised from the outset that one of the most important reasons for the existence of TSF was to enable those interested in collecting, research and other aspects of the study of traditional song to meet and to discuss their work with others who would be interested in what they were doing, could offer help and advice - and who could offer some consolation on what is, sometimes, a lonely journey. While electronic communication is great for sharing ideas, documents, and other information, there is no substitute for sitting down with like-minded colleagues every so often and having good conversations, discussions - and even arguments!

A 'typical' TSF meeting will fall into three parts. Firstly we will spend time going round those present to hear what they have been doing and to discuss it and to offer help and advice. Secondly (and always very briefly!) we will deal with the business matters of the forum. The afternoon is usually organised as a 'Forum Focus' session where TSF members or guest speakers can talk at more length about particular topics - often themed. Having said this, we are very flexible and if it makes sense to depart from this format we will do so.

Occasionally we have run special, whole day sessions such as the 'Life and Times' events, featuring a number of collectors talking about their work, or the 'Broadside Days', which have proved very popular.

We produce brief notes of each of our meetings which are published on this site - though not always for the 'special' events. The notes of the most recent meetings can be seen here. There is also an archive of past meetings which you can visit. There is, though, no substitute for being there. To help this we move the meetings around the country. The best attended sessions are those held in London and the North though we try to other parts occasionally - usually at the invitation of a local group. You can find details of forthcoming meetings below


Meeting Notes

The most recent meeting of the Traditional Song Forum was that held in Lewes on 125 March 2017. You can read the notes of that meeting here. 

You can see the archive of previous TSF meeting notes here


Future Meetings

The next TSF meeting will be held in Sheffield on Saturday 16 September 2017 where, as part of a programme, the second Roy Palmer Lecture will be given by Ian Russell. The meeting will also look at the major additions being made to the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library Digital Database (formerly known as the 'Full English') and we wil be starting the celebrations of 20 years of TSF will some cake! Details here

TSF is organising a Broadside Extra day, also in Sheffield, on 25 November 2017. For more details see News Page or contact Steve Roud if you would like to give a paper.

Please make sure that you have these dates in your diary!