Articles on folk song (and related topics) submitted by members

TSF members are encouraged to submit articles on topics of interest. It will rapidly become obvious to you that Lewis Jones is very easily encouraged (Keep them coming, Lewis!). These are some of the articles that we have received over the years.

Some of the articles have 'midi' files associated with them so that you can hear the tine played. These can be found in the 'juke box' below





William Barrett

William Alexander Barrett  

An appreciation of this little-known Victorian collector by Ruairidh Greig. Includes photographs and new biographical information.


Lucy Broadwood

Lucy Broadwood's Diaries: The Early Years

by Lewis Jones (first published in English Dance & Song ,Sep 2000)

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Lucy Etheldred Broadwood: Poet and Song Writer

by Lewis Jones (originally published in English Dance and Song, Dec 1995)

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Frank Kidson

'The Collector' articles by Frank Kidson from The Choir magazine

This collection of articles on various topics by Frank Kidson were originally published in The Choir magazine between 1912 and 1925.  The collection has been assembled by John Francmanis and Vic Gammon who have kindly allowed them to be published on the TSF website.  Their Introduction and Foreword explain the background to the articles.  There are also other related articles from the magazine by Anne Gilchrist and others in the collection


Welsh Collectors

Maria Jane Williams: Pioneer collector of Welsh Folk Songs

by Lewis Jones (originally published in English Dance and Song, Sept 1999)

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Scottish Collectors

Patrick McDonald's Highland Vocal Airs

'More than a Century in Advance of his Time'
Article by Lewis Jones (originally published in English Dance and Song, Sept 1999)
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Songs and Singing

The Sacred Harp
'American Shape-note Hymns Cross the Atlantic' by Lewis Jones
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Roll over Beethoven
Dig that Celtic Folk! by Lewis Jones
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Wassail Songs and Carols from Gloucestershire

The text of the talk given by Richard Chidlaw to the meeting held in Gloucester 9th September 2000.

I had intended to complete this article with the texts of the songs and their tunes, but the folder with Richard's Mss went astray. I have now rediscovered it and will complete the task - soon(ish) - MRG


Musical Tradition in Live Sport

A examination of an unusual branch of the folk arts by George Frampton


The Songs of Bill Smith

Andrew Smith writes about his father, his memories and the songs that Andy collected from him


General Articles

Where did that song come from?

Steve Gardham's presentation from the 'Broadside Day' (26 Feb 2011) in which he outlines the history of printed songs and the ways in which they entered the repertoire of traditional singers.


Broadside Ballads

A short article on Broadside ballads by Steve Gardham


How to Publish Folk Songs on the Internet as High Quality Sheet Music

This article by Lewis Jones was originally posted in response to discussion at the September 2000 meeting in Gloucester and intended as a 'fire-raiser' for teckie discussion about the use of PCs in publishing folk music on the Internet and on paper. It has now been updated for a second time. (21st June 2010)


Light Relief

Songs through the Periscope - or, folk detective in action

A brief flurry of correspondence between Steve Roud and Ruairidh Greig putting forward some theories about the origin of some well loved songs. Please have about 0.01 grams of NaCl available before reading this article.